About Marissa

Marissa is the founder and artist behind Arlo Goods. 

Raised in Houston’s Chinatown she is the daughter of Panamanian immigrants. Splitting her time between Texas and Panama she moved to Austin for many years where she received a BFA in Graphic Design. 

I spent several years in Austin, where I earned a degree in Graphic Design and right out of school jumped into the tech world as a UX Designer. After many years of honing in her skills in the corporate world she began to feel a bit restless. I did something crazy, I quit my stable great job to travel slowly through Asia (doing a month per country). I quickly fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle and began dreaming of ways to keep the life going. 

In India and Vietnam in particular I watched master craftsman, metalsmiths leathersmitchs, embroiders, doing incredibly detailed work making gorgeous custom pieces like I’ve never seen before. In 2016 it felt like everything I had was the same old floral prints and solid colors and I wished I could find something as beautiful, colorful and bold as what I was seeing there. Something that checked all those boxes AND took into account responsible manufacturing and sustainability? I didn’t think it existed. 

Arlo was born with a $300 investment (after blowing all my money on the trip that is all I had) and it grew very slowly. There was no master plan, or even business plan and I took the beginners’s mindset to my advantage to build a business for the new age we live in, one that ticks all my boxes. I wanted to create a brand for fiercely independe ppl, a bold-spirit like myself that tiks all the boxes. 

Each piece is designed by me. I’m so happy youre heer and honored to make my artwork my livelihood. 


The name Arlo was thought up on a Nepal while listentening to an Arlo Guthrie song.